Stop Sabotaging with LifeMapping!

Offered by Loretta Ferrucci

Stop self sabotage in it’s tracks!

This program is going enable you to calculate and interpret (in a simple way) your, and your loved one’s LifeMap (a personality analysis tool) as well as give you techniques to manage your energy, calm your nervous system and access your creativity.  

Knowing yourself is the basis of all personal growth and development and your LifeMap is basically like the default settings on your hard drive.  Those settings are the ones that your computer reverts to.   

In the same way, you can learn all sorts of ways to navigate through life but when the chips are down, you usually revert to your default behaviours.  This includes the behaviours that lead to self sabotage.  

When you get a handle on how to recognise your biggest weaknesses and then appreciate that you have the greatest strengths to help you through challenging times, your confidence grows, you gain traction and momentum and eventually success is inevitable.  

By the end of this mini workshop with me and with a bit of practice, you will: 

  • Be more confident
  • Understand yourself and your loved ones better
  • Be able to reduce your stress and balance your energy
  • Take your power back when under pressure to be a powerful creator
  • Have fun (this can be a great party trick)!


When:  Wednesday 30 June 2021 @ 18h00 (Johannesburg time)   

This session will be live but a recording will also be available.  

Register and pay on/before Wednesday June 23rd 2021 for the special price of only $27.

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