Reunite with the purest, most loving core of your being


My life path has led me through a journey with cancer and borderline personality disorder (BPD). Not an easy path but having come through and out the other side transformed for the better I know that hardship or suffering can be a catalyst for great positive change in our lives and can be a journey of Sacred training. If we allow it to.

Embarking on a journey to heal myself from the inside out I realised that trauma and many layers of learned patterns, behaviours and distorted belief systems had covered my Light Within. This made me look at life through a fearful lens that distorted my perceptions and made everything seem overwhelming, stressful and uncertain.

Cancer was the catalyst that started my journey of deep inner healing. As I peeled back and healed the layers covering my Light Within, I transformed my life mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Healing is an ongoing journey BUT I am now living a better, happier, more authentic and connected life than I ever have.

My passion now is to share what I have learnt and what has helped me awaken and live my best life.

Come with me on a journey

A journey where I will share insights, research, wisdom teachings and practical tools garnered from my own personal transformation through the Dark Nights of cancer and  borderline personality disorder.

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