Welcome to Light Within A New Way for a Renewed Life.

We are excited for you to join us on this journey.

Here we dream a new and better reality into being by transforming our inner landscapes. The outcome of this transformation will be evident in all areas of your life.

Light Within is a PLATFORM and a MEETING PLACE for all those who long to be TRULY FREE.

The purpose and focus of the platform, is to share insights, inspirations, resources and tools to support you through this journey of transformation.

The purpose and focus of the meeting place, is to help you by providing communal support.

The vision is to bring people together where we can learn, grow, and support one another on this journey.

Together the platform and the meeting space provides connection, insight and tools to navigate the obstacles  and challenges that arise on this journey. These challenges are addressed in a practical, psychological, energetic, and spiritual way.

Light Within is for all those whose longing to be truly free is becoming stronger than their desire to distract themselves from suffering AND who need support, guidance and tools.

Light Within guides and supports people to acknowledge, validate, heal and integrate the parts of themselves which they have rejected, disowned, denied or suppressed.

Expect deep and lasting transformation, these processes are not quick fixes or just more knowledge and information.

The shifts that come when we do this inner work are beyond comprehension and can change everything in our lives for the better.

On This Journey We Unlearn Who We Have Become To Reunite With Who We Really Are


Discover your unconscious habits of coping and learn how to choose and create a new way of being for yourself



Learn how to recognise and change lifelong habits that are keeping you stuck in cycles of low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, co-dependency, people pleasing, anxiety, fear, and depression



Process and heal past trauma, transform toxic thinking patterns, and learn how to do inner child work



Improve your physical and mental health



Acquire real and effective life changing tools to transform the blocks that no longer serve you so that you can live life's passions and desired experiences



Have access to practical and affordable workshops and courses. As well as referral to trained and experienced coaches, counsellors, energy workers and healers



Connect with a community of like-minded people on the same journey who guide and support each other



Get guidance and support by those who have gone through it before or are well into the journey and from trained professionals


You will be empowered and supported to work to solve your own problems.

Deconstruct what isn’t you

Trust and believe in yourself

Nurture and love yourself

Improve your relationships

Live authentically

Deal with and grow from triggers

Hear your heart over your head

Live in true alignment with your Soul and your Destiny

Live from intuition not conditioning

No longer live from a place of emotional reactivity

Live in faith and flow


Meet Antoinette

Life has led me through a journey with Cancer and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). A difficult path. BUT, having come through and out the other side transformed for the better, I know that hardship or suffering can be a catalyst for positive change and a journey of Sacred training.

Cancer was the catalyst that started my journey of healing myself from the inside out. Healing those parts of myself, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that were out of kilter.

At the time of diagnosis, I presented as a happy, confident, and successful person. Underneath this however I was looking at life through a fearful and distorted lens. I lacked self-love and was running after triggers from the past. Many of the symptoms of BPD were playing out in my life.

My healing lay in discovering my conditioned behaviours and unconscious habits of coping and then unlearning these patterns in order to reunite with my true God self, my Essence.

This became a journey of healing on a very deep level – physical, emotional and spiritual.

This process is still ongoing, but I am now living from a place where my desires and fears no longer run the show. I no longer distract myself from suffering and my mind is opening more and more  to the inspiration and knowing  pouring from the depth of my being. I can access deep unspeakable peace and lead a far more fulfilling and meaningful life than ever before. Miraculous outcomes land like butterflies on open arms, I no longer have to take a net and do the hard work of catching them. I am approaching TRUE Freedom.

My passion now is to assist others on this journey!