What does it mean to find your Light Within?

The essence of who we are  is a spiritual light which resides within.

Why is there so much suffering in the world? What makes us happy or unhappy? Why is there so much hatred, anger and warfare?  How can we feel better about ourselves and be more loving toward one another?

The answer to these questions can be found within us. Within each and every one of us is a spiritual light. When we allow this light to shine, we create joy, happiness and health. When we impede the flow of this light within us, we create misery, suffering and illness.

We are born as a unique and timeless spark of the Divine

Every life begins when a small spark of the eternal flame of cosmic consciousness splits off like a glowing ember of a universal bonfire. This unique spark ignites as the organising intelligence that creates us, divides cells and develops us perfectly.

Poet Mark Nepo calls it a spot of Grace where we were each first touched by God.

This Light Within is a reliable, trustworthy inner guidance system but we may have trouble sensing or interpreting it.  This untainted, radiant, buoyant light of God often gets filmed over by trauma, conditioning, and the illusion of separation from the eternal flame from which the spark arises.

Conditioning and trauma cover the spark

Most of us have forgotten that we came from this Source, forgotten even that we are rays of light connected to the Source and have assumed that we are separate fragments of existence, disconnected from the Source of love.

The mind and our conditioning create a lens we look through that distorts our perceptions and makes life seem overwhelming, stressful and uncertain. As we look at life through this distorted lens, we develop coping and defence mechanisms.

The limitation of the mind is that it operates on past experience and learning, therefore we may not be responding to the authentic truth and guidance of our Light Within, but rather  from a series of learned beliefs and behaviours regulated by protector parts in our psyche whose sole goal is to try keep us safe and these parts usually come online as a result of trauma. So, we spend our whole life pursuing what we learn rather than who we really are. We are not tuned into our true, authentic intuition because we get  hijacked by our ego and minds who do not trust that our Inner Light can keep us safe and loved.

Reuniting with the Light Within

No matter how separate or fragmented we think we are, we always carry the Light Within us because in essence we ARE the Light.

Reuniting with our Light Within requires us to firstly discover our unconscious habits of coping. Is about UNLEARNING these patterns of conditioned behaviours and then RELEARNING our TRUE DIVINE NATURE . It is the journey of returning to who We Really are. A journey of accessing the deep centre that undercuts all.

Through disintegration of the false self and returning to our real self we start living from a place where our desires and fears no longer run the show. If we want a full life we can’t keep running after reactions triggered by the past.

Rebirth involves death of the old self. 

This work is a new opportunity to choose for ourselves and it is about letting go of the blockages in us.  As we peel away all that is not love we allow more and more of our original Divine Spark to return.

As adults we have a unique opportunity to heal and consciously choose different behaviour and not be run by the subconscious programme based on the past.

Through consistent practice we can do surgery on our false self and leave the conditioned self .

In its essence it comes down to making choices beyond your conditioned behaviour and letting go of reactions triggered by the past. Every time we make a choice beyond our conditioned behaviour, we are one step closer to our true nature.

It is about gaining control of our minds, seeing the games of our mind, and letting go of the consistent chatter in the head. It is about mental and emotional awareness and mastery. How to feel and work with emotions, what to do with the thoughts !!

Thus, it is about seeing and working with ego (the part of us that contains all this “false” learning). When we start questioning the ego and the stream of thoughts running through our heads, we start transforming the ego from being the ring master of our lives to serving our Divine Self. It is not about killing the ego or about denying its existence, it has been our protector and has been a part of our psyche since a small child to help us cope.  It is about transforming it. When we wake up, we meet the ego and it no longer runs the show.

Who we really are is the part that is watching our mind thinking and your desires craving and our parts trying to keep us safe. We are the compassionate, calm, co-creative, courageous, wise consciousness witnessing our thoughts and noticing your desires and aversions – we are the Soul, the Light Within.

Globally this is more important than ever right now

We are living at a time of great importance for our species and for all the other beings who share this planet with us and whose lives we affect by the choices we make. The human-created world is in a state of crisis BUT  the inner world, of awareness, energy and spirit, has entered a phase of immense opportunity and possibility.

The potential is now greater than ever before for human consciousness to evolve BUT  it does require that we shift our awareness from the outer human-created forms to the inner realms from which everything visible springs forth.

How will do our lives change if we illuminate our Light Within?

When we live a life that is not limited by our conditioning miraculous outcomes become limitless. A great analogy is if we try chase and catch butterflies with a net it is almost impossible but if we open our arms and stand still the butterflies will land on us.

We start following flow rather than preference, have faith in life, ourselves and God and the result is a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life of connection, purpose and optimal health.  We make decisions based on our intuition rather than fear.

It doesn’t mean you we can’t have money, fame, status, beauty etc,  but they are side effects of living in alignment with our true self !

Our mind becomes a tool that we use but it doesn’t run the show. The mind opens to the inspiration and creativity pouring from the depth of our being.

We will still experience things coming up, but we do not feel close to them – the pull upwards to our real self becomes stronger than the pull that pulls us down. We get  to a point where we stay centred in the middle of a blockage and we can relax in the face of a reaction.

Be aware though that following your Inner Light may get you into trouble because that deep inner voice will have you doing things like giving up a soul sucking job you were clinging to or money, or ditching your unworthy partner because you deserve to be treated with respect or moving. We get pushed out of our comfort zone !!!!

Most people don’t even know that there is another way

Only when we heal our trauma and reconnect to our inner compass can we align with our true purpose and true desires. When we connect to our inner divinity, we do not need to rely on what our mind has learnt. Instead we make decisions based on what is aligned with the path of greatest flow right in the present moment.

(Thank you Lisa Rankin – Inner Pilot Light – for some of the content of this article and John Hain for the beautiful image )

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